Adventure time
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is an american animated T.V. series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoonetwork.


This cartoon follows the journies and adventures of Finn the human boy and his bestie Jake the dog. Finn and Jake live in a land called Ooo. Along the way of their journies they interact with many other main characters such as Princess bubblegum, The ice king, and Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Character descriptionEdit

There are many characters in this cartoon.

Main characters:
Adventure Time cast

Finn the human: Finn is a silly kid, who that of which wants to become a hero someday.

Jake the Dog: Finn's bestie. Jake has the magical ability to stretch and grow.

Recurring characters:

Princess bubblegum: This princess is a millionaire nerd enthusiast. She immerses herself in every branch of geekdom, and well, she has a big heart.

Marceline the Vampire Queen: Marceline! Marceline! the wild rocker girl. She is the fearless daredevil of the land of Ooo.

Lumpy Space princess: LSP comes from the cloud-like land of lumpy space. "She" acts as if she were a spoiled teenager.

BMO: Or Beemo. Beemo is Finn and Jake's roommate. Yet, does well as an alarm clock, video game system, camera, and friend. Bmo also gives great advice too.

Lady Rainicorn: Lady is Princess Bubblegum's majestic pet. Lady is also Jake's girlfriend.

Flame Princess: This hot headed princess from the fire kingdom is Finn's new crush. Her powers are tied to her emotions, so she does get mad quite easily.

Covering the main recurring characters above^^, there are also many minor characters and antagonists.